BMW & MINI FRM3 Footwell Module Repair Service E87 E90 E70 R56 - Fast Repair FRM

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This listing is for a Postal repair service for FRM Lighting Module Footwell Module
Original data will be restored, hence no coding required afterwards.
Just plug and play when you receive unit back.
Covers all Models with FRM3.

FRM 3 module is found in these models:

1 E87 (01/2009 — 06/2011)
 3 E90 (07/2009 — 02/2012)
 3'E91 (07/2007 — 05/2012)
 3 E92   (11/2008 — 06/2013)
 3 E93   (11/2008 — 10/2013)
 X1 E84 (09/2008 — 12/2015)
 Z4 E89 (01/2008 — 08/2016)
Mini ( R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61)
FRM 3 unit is placed on the driver’s side kick panel (see pic) and it is easy to remove.

Mini Frm unit is on the passangers side kick panel.

NOT FRM2( With Metal backplate). Only FRM3 (All Plastic Case)
Please check the sticker on your FRM, it must say FRM3( Can be PL2 or PL3)
If unsure, please send us a picture of your FRM.
Some of the faults you may experience with a corrupted FRM includes:
* Front electric windows not working
* Wipers not working
* Lights staying on all the time
* Indicators/Hazards not working
* No communication with Diagnostic tool
If a convertible – the top roof does not fold.
* Central lock is not operating

FRM3 module can fail for numerous reasons.

Most commonly when voltage is too low or there is sudden drop of voltage 
(flat battery, jump starting disconnecting the battery and etc.).
The reason behind it is that FRM3 module software becomes corrupted and stops working.

Once order is placed, we’ll send you the address to post FRM to. 
Please send signed for delivery so you can have a tracking number.
FRM will be posted back to you on the same day if received before 1pm. 
I can also program a replacement FRM to your car if your original is beyond repair.

You Can Always Come to Our Tullamarine 3043 VICTORIA Workshop Location for same day on spot service.
Please buy online and ask for address via eBay massages.