Brand New Halo Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer with Lightshow

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Product Description:

The Creative Halo features most powerful standard class audio performance that also provides fun hidden surprise: the front panel beats with a multi-colored light display with a halo effect (with numerous light show designs to choose from) that can be made active by pressing a button or with an app. Under the hood, the Creative Halo is specially designed with 2 full-range drivers attached with a large reflex chamber, and composed with a passive woofer conveys surprisingly big sound with enhanced bass.

  • Possess Passive woofer and Full-range drivers

  • Brighten up your music with a customizable 16.8 million color light display

  • Access Lightshow presets and regulate them simply from your smartphone Up to 8 Hour Battery Life

  • Aux-in connectivity for analog audio devices

  • It’s also a speakerphone

  • Charges easily through USB connection


Well-matched with PC (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1,10), Apple Macintosh built with Bluetooth wireless stereo connectivity.

Compatible with most major brands of Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile phones.

Stereo Bluetooth or A2DP profile allows wireless transmission of complete stereo audio to other Bluetooth devices. To know whether your device (PC, notebook or mobile device) is equipped with A2DPenabled Bluetooth technology, refer with your device manufacturer's documentation/website for further information.

Based on moderate volume level, moderate to low LED light display brightness/pattern. Real battery life will differ with use and settings and atmospheric conditions.


1 year limited hardware warranty


Infinite Tunnel Lightshow:

The Creative Halo is a sight to behold, with its light display generating the optical impression of a marvelous tunnel of light fading into darkness.

Unique Multi-Material Design:

The Creative Halo's rubberized controls, soft fabric, firm plastic, and reflective mirrored exterior combine with the light show to make a product that is equal parts innovative and minimalist.

Comes in 16.8 Million Colors:

With 16.8 million colors to select from, the Halo's lights can beat along with your music, provide a soothing glow, spin, blink, or simply shine the way you desire it to. Select from 12 mesmerizing halo effect designs that can be galvanized by pressing a button or through the remarkable Spectra Lightshow Control App!

Full Lighting and Music Control:

The downloadable Creative Spectra Lightshow app (for iOS and Android devices) allow you manage your light display settings along with control music playback.

Surprisingly Big Bass:

The Creative Halo features 2 full-range drivers mounted into a large reflex chamber. It also has an unseen passive woofer for extra bass enhancement.

Wireless Audio Enjoyment via Bluetooth:

The Creative Halo connects to smartphones and other devices wirelessly through Bluetooth. It also possesses standard 3.5mm AUX-in port for wired connectivity.

Lightweight and Carry-Friendly:

The Creative Halo is lightweight at roughly half a kilogram (that's just over 1lb) and comes with a comfortable and soft strap for easy portability.

Long Battery Life:

The Creative Halo provides enormous 8 hours of battery life, so your music goes on and on and on.

Package Includes:

Creative HALO

Micro USB Cable

Quick Start Guide

Warranty leaflets