Creative Nuno Designer Cloth Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker PC Laptop Grey

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Fit For Fashion:

Clothed in superbly woven fabric, the Creative NUNO's elegant design is taken from Nuno, a Japanese word for cloth that sets the encouragement for the fuss-free simplicity, and timeless minimalist aesthetic.

Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Control Buttons:

It’s not necessary to confuse your life with complex buttons to regulate your music playback. Just reach out for the raised control buttons on the top panel and relish.

Speakerphone for Voice Calls:

Connect your phone through Bluetooth, and you can answer calls hands-free even when you're busy in enjoying your music.

6 Hours of Battery Life and Charges Conveniently via USB:

It works for 6 hours on a single full charge and charges easily through micro USB port cable on a regular USB power adapter or a computer USB port.

Set your Music Free with Bluetooth:

Set your music free with the wireless convenience of Bluetooth.

The NUNO is making your life easier with a built-in microphone that enables you to attend your calls hands-free.

Specially designed for accessibility and tactile recognition, just reach out for the raised control buttons on the top panel and sit back to relax.

Minimalism with Outstanding Sound Performance:

Do more with less.

Beneath the fabric, the NUNO provides you a great sound. Surprisingly, the high-performance speaker drivers inside it made this happen.

Enjoy with the people who matter!