Creative Sound Blaster Play 3 USB DAC with headphone connectivity and Sound Card

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Product Description:

The Sound Blaster PLAY! 3 is specially designed USB DAC and Amp that conveys an rapid audio upgrade from motherboard audio. It works with Mac and PC and houses a powerful amplifier that drives a complete range of headphones, from basic mobile phone earbuds to gaming and studio-grade headphones. The downloadable Sound Blaster Control Panel Software propose marvelous audio realism and impressive audio effects, and also contains optimized profiles for designated earphone brands.


Enhance Your Listening Experience:

Upgrade your current onboard sound to a USB DAC that supports 24-bit 96khz playback rapidly!

Works With PC And MAC:

Suitable for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Mac OS X®10.9 or higher.

Easy Headphone Connectivity:

Fits for all analog headsets, from normal mobile phone earbuds to gaming and studio-grade headphones. Can effectively connect to your headsets with single or split stereo/mic connector easily deprived of the use of a Y-splitter cable.

No Drivers Required:

Works straight out of the box.

Powerful Downloadable Software:

Control Panel Software provides powerful audio improvements and exceptional control. Also, contains enhanced profiles for multiple earphone brands.

Instantly Upgrade to High-Resolution Audio:

When you get upgradation from motherboard audio, you'll never go back to it again. The Sound Blaster PLAY! 3 delivers such an upgrade, by providing you high-resolution 24-bit 96kHz audio for your movies, music, and games.

Studio-Grade Listening:

The Sound Blaster PLAY! 3 is compatible with a large range of headphones — from normal mobile phone earbuds and gaming headsets to more luxurious studio-grade headphones. The downloadable Control Panel software also contains optimized profiles for selected earphone brands.

Crisp Voice Communications and Recording:

USB Connectivity importantly advances mic recording abilities, providing you clean 24-bit 48kHZ quality for podcasts or in-game communications.

Package Includes:

1 x Sound Blaster PLAY! 3

Warranty & Technical Support leaflet

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