New TPE 150cm Health Exercise Stretching Pull Strap Yoga Resistance Band

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 TPE 150cm Natural Tension Health Elastic Exercise Sport Body Latex Stretching Belt Pull Strap Yoga Resistance Bands .TPE Stretch Rope Elastic Resistance Bands Yoga Pull Rope Fitness Workout Sports Bands Yoga Tensile PullRope . Suitable for Yoga, and other training programs. Suitable for Yoga, and other training programs. Perfect gift kit for your friends who love fitness. Constantly provides tension on the muscle which cannot be achieved with the free weight exercises. Just spend 15 minutes a day to do the workouts with this resistance bands set. If you don't want to join an expensive gym, spend more time commuting there. Lightweight and easy to carry while you are on vacation or work break. Ideal for all levels of fitness from beginner to seasoned athlete.


  • TPE material, good elasticity, can be repeatedly lifted.
  • Fat burning.
  • Comfortable grip.        
  • Ideal for all levels of fitnesseature.
  • Can be slim at any time and anywhere
  • Function: Slimming Fitness Bodybuilding