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Product Description:

The multifunctional diagnostic device LR V.01 is characterized by a high-quality diagnostic ability of vehicle Errors and user accessibility. The control unit data is not directly transmitted to the handset and this all is due to this excellent technology. In the event of an error identification or a fault in the communication, the user is informed by notification and further detail information in the system.


Possess competent functions of complete system diagnostics and analysis of data.
When the engine starts Battery test allows you to get the voltage of battery with OBD port by the scanning tool.

Read and delete function DTC (i.e. reads error codes and  delete them)
Read live data that includes temperature displays, air mass, engine speed, coolant temperature and many more.

You can also print the diagnostic data through print function
The device supports the restoration of the oil service 
Speed upgrade via USB 2.0 
Support for several languages 
Test modes mainly includes CANBUS, KWP2000, ISO9141 and J1850 

In addition to the support of the engine control unit, all control units installed in the passenger car are also relieved. Examples are the Engine, ABS, entertainment module, parking brake module, automatic transmission, airbag, air conditioning and some more.

The difference to the i930 makes itself clear by the additional battery test function, pressure function as well as the restoration of the oil service. Moreover, the LR V.01 is optimized by best quality hardware, provides easy handling, possess more active design and packaging and a affordable price with the best performance rate.

Another factors that add value are the color selection and the delivery of a separate connector, which reduces the risk of a bad connection. 

Technical specifications:

Dimension: 187,5 * 101 * 32 
TFT LCD display: 2,8 inch with 320 * 240 pixels 
Power temperature: between 0 and 50 degrees 
Storage: between 20 and 70 degrees possible 
Operating voltage: 9-18 Volt 
Operating Current: 150mA @ 12V (Standard)
Energy consumption: 1.8W (Standard) 

The models are what supports are as follows: 

Land Rover:

Discovery II / III / IV 
Discovery 2 
Discovery 3 
Discovery 4 (2013) 
Defender (2007 - 2011) 
Freelander (1997 - 2012) 
Range Rover (1999 - 2012) 
Range Rover Sport (2005 - 2013) 
Range Rover Evoque (2012- 2013) 


Jaguar XJ Type (1994 - 2014) 
Jaguar XF Type (2008 - 2014) 
Jaguar XK Type (1997- 2014) 
Jaguar F-Type (2014) 
Jaguar S Type (2001 - 2006) 
Jaguar X Type (2003 -2008) 

Package Includes:

USB cable 
Diagnostic unit LR V1.0 
Operating instructions


Before Shipment, we will make sure that your ordered device is compatible with your car, in order to do so kindly share your car VIN number and required function at the time of purchase.
For further details feel free to contact us. Thanks!