Handmade Viking Steel Pizza Axe Authentic Medieval Pizza Cutter Axe, Pizza Gift - Free Engraving AU

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Handmade Viking Steel Pizza Axe Authentic Medieval Pizza Cutter Axe, Pizza Gift Knife, Carbon Steel Viking Axe, Half Moon Shape With Rosewood Handle
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Overall Length Is 9 Inches, Handle Length 8 Inches, Blade Cutting Edge 9 Inches , Blade Width 4.5 Inches, Item Weight 1.75 Pound Approx

Rust Proof

Because Of Its Strength And Resistance To Rust, Carbon Steel Is One Of The Most Important Materials Used For Blades.

Leather Sheath 

The Handstitched Full Grain Leather Sheath Is Designed To Be Exactly Fitting And Utilized To Carry This Miniature Viking Axe For Daily Duties Comfortably And Efficiently.

Unique Gift

This little axe is ideal for a variety of tasks because to its exceptional durability, including use as a butcher axe, kitchen axe, meat axe, gardening axe, and even a pizza axe.

Product Material

Handle Material: Rose Wood
Blade Material: High-Quality Carbon Steel


Handle Length: 8 Inches
Blade Length: 9 Inches
Blade Width: 4.5 Inches

Product Description

A Cutting Tool With A Curved Blade And A Handle For Cutting Pizza, Lasagna, Flatbread Crusts, Brownies, And Other Similar Items Into Manageable Pieces. Although Composite Materials Are Also Utilized To Produce The Pizza Cutters, Carbon Steel Is The Most Common Material Used To Make This Culinary Tool. 

The Toppings Or Top Layer Will Only Sustain Minimal Harm As The Pizza Cutter Cuts Through The Food. Various Things, Including Vegetables, Can Be Chopped And Diced With The Cutter's Curved Blade Variant. The Curved Cutter Can Also Function As A Food Scoop To Collect And Move The Fragments Of Chopped Food Into A Dish Or To Another Container Once They Have Been Divided Into Smaller

How To Use:

Put The Pizza's Last Garnishes On It. Wait Two To Four Minutes Before Cutting The Pizza.

Put The Blade Of The Cutter In The Center Of The Pizza. Holding The Handles Firmly, Rock The Cutter Side To Side. After Rotating The Pizza With The Cutter, Lift It Again To Cut The Remaining Amount Of Pieces.