10 Keys RF IR Wireless Remote Switch Controller Dimmer for Mini LED Strip Light

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RF Wireless Remote Mini Controller
Voltage: 5V -24V
Output Current: 12A
Working Temperature: -20°C-60°C
Size: (about) L34mm x W13mm x H3mm
Remote controller dimension: about L85mm x W40mm x H6mm
Remote controller battery 3V CR2025 (Excluding)
DC Power Female Jack Connector Plugs Size:(D)5.5x2.1mm
Remote distancet:>15M at open area

20 static colors, 9 dynamic modes, 5-level for speed.
ON/STANDBY: to turn on or switch to standby mode.
MODE+ / MODE- : switch to dynamic mode from static lighting mode, or switch between dynamic modes.
SPEED+ /SPEED- : adjust dynamic mode lighting speed.
BRIGHT+ / BRIGHT- : adjust lighting mode brightness.
COLOR+ / COLOR- : static color adjustment.Switch to static color from dynamic mode, or between static colors.
DEMO : at demo mode, strip will cycle 9 dynamic modes and each mode for 3 times.
Applications: RGB 5050 3528 LED Light Strip

Package includes:

1PCS 10Key RF Wireless Remote Mini Controller