10x 5.5kg Strong Magnetic Hanger Holder Magnet Hooks Rare Earth Neodymium

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  • ⭐ 【PREMIUM QUALITY】: Built with premium quality FMagnet and carbon steel.
  • ⭐ 【HIGHLY DURABLE】: Sturdy construction. With 3 layers of protective coatings and ultra durability.
  • ⭐ 【INGENIOUS DESIGN】: Crafed with perfection. A magnet with hook from the back.
  • ⭐ 【EASY TO INSTALL】: Can be setup with simple instruction provided with the product.
  • ⭐ 【SUPER MAGNET】: Our magnets are 16mm dia x 35.7mm from the magnetic face of the magnet to the top of the hook.