2 Pcs Xenon H11 100W 6000K HOD Headlight Car Auto Globes Bulbs Halogen

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HOD is a new style of bulb for car lighting. It is a bulb filled with xenon gas, Xenon gas makes bulb longer lifetime and much brighter

HOD is a kind of shape lamp.which matches the traditional characteristics of lamps. It greatly improves the condensation illumination. The olive shape body is much bigger than the cylindrical shape of Halogen lamp, which better meets the circulation need to develop high color temperature and hard light. Besides, HOD light owns super penetration ability with full-day lighting that can provide a better vision effect no matter in rainy or snowy days, daytime or night time.

fit original car

Has the advantage of high luminous flux, high brightness. long life.low fuel consumption

Good focus intensity and long distance illuminating

Increases Night Time Visibility the Safe and Easy Way

Bulb Type: H11

Color Temperature: 5500k-6000k(Super White)

Light Color: Super White

Illumination angle: 360°

Working Voltage: DC 12V

Wattage: 55W

Applications: Auto Headlight

Package includes:
2 X H11 12V 100W Super White Bulbs

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