20 Styles DIY Nail Polish Tool Nail Art Image Stamp Stamping Plates Template Kit

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Surface mirror light processing, bright as a mirror

Safe, durable, fine workmanship, innovative design, lightweight body, convenient and practical

Environmentally friendly material, fashion design

Suitable for both professional or learner

Materials: Metal

Size: 12*6cm

Method for the operation of the nail seal:

Out of print head, dip in with cotton swab wash a water to scrub the head several times, so that the rubber head is fuzzy, otherwise, it will not be printed on the pattern.

Simple repair, cleaning the nail, can be coated with a layer of oil or light oil to enhance the color of the nail surface, until it is completely dry before painting.

Selected a full plate colored brush selected pattern, the plate pattern with a scraper beyond nail polish scrape.

While a dry oil put the seal on the pattern skull press, the pattern transfer printing head.
Transfer the pattern to the surface of the nail.

In the design of a little embellishment (flower core, animal eyes and other you think need embellishment bright powder or diamond) and finally wipe the light oil protection pattern, in order to avoid scraping off or fade.

Wash the plate with the cotton swab, the scraper, and the seal.

Package includes:
1 X Nail Stamping Plate with or without stamp tools

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