2Pcs 33x40cm Heat Resistance BBQ Mat Non-stick Barbecue Pad Microwave Oven Tools

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Heat resistance: Utilized for a long time at temperatures up to 260 ° C

Non-stick: Both sides exist to prevent food from adhesion, easy to clean

Security: Odorless and Non-toxic, through the LFGB, FDA, and SGS detection

Product Functions:

Contains pad on the grill to prevent food from falling and adhesion

Product Parameters:

Material: Teflon coating + glass fiber cloth

Weight: about 48 grams

Product Size: about 33 * 40 * 0.2 cm / about 12.87* 15.60 * 0.02 inch

Color: Black

Resistance to the maximum temperature of 260 degrees Celsius

How to Use:

First, clean it and then make a fire, when there is no flame, put the barbecue pad tiled on the grill bar preheating a few seconds to start barbecue food.


Please confirm the size of the barbecue pits, when purchasing this product

Don’t directly expose it to open flames

Package Includes:

2 x barbecue pad