2x Gym Strength Training Strap Hand Wrist Bar Support Bandage Black/Blue AK

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Nfinity Wrist Wraps®
We offer Great Value for your money. We believe in Better, Before Cheap. Our Wrist Support Wraps Provide Improved Wrist Support and Protection, enhancing performance in the gym.

Our Wraps are not Right-Left Hand Specific. Either one of the pair can be used on any hand.

Main Features:
1- High Quality, very comfortable, Great Value for Money

2- 4cm Wide Velcro Fastening, as opposed to 2cm wide Velcro Fastening Providing Snug Fit, Improved Comfort and Added Protection.

3- Wrist Wrap/Strap is 3inches Wide and 14inches Long.

4- Fully Adjustable, One Size Fits all.

5- Provides Protection and Support to Wrist, Avoids Injuries.

6- Enhanced Grip and Support Makes it easy to Lift heavier weights with wrist safety.

7- Perfect for supporting your wrist while power lifting, dead lifts, or during squats

8- Highly Flexible / Elastic Material

9- Washable
Package Includes:
2x wrist strap