4 PCS Plastic Stacking Stool Outdoor Indoor Stool &Chair Kitchen Dining Garden

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These stool/chair of white and blue are made from PP plastic (Polypropylene) which considered to be the safest plastic. They’re extremely strong and durable yet light enough to be moved from place to place as the need arises. What’s more is that they can stack on top of each other to reduce space if you need to store them away. They’re also very easy to clean, need just a little more than a daily dust with a lint free cloth or a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any marks or spills.Give your buttocks a treat as you get home after a long day and rest on one of these comfortable stool chairs.

They're ideal for kids, informal outdoor entertaining or formal indoor use to spruce up the room with some colour.

Suitable for all environments, including your home, office, coffee shops and more!