433MHz Universal Clone Remote Control Key 4 Electric Gate Garage Door Controller

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433MHz Universal Clone Remote Control Key 4 Electric Gate Garage Door Controller

FOR BFT Mitto 2M 4M 12V D111751 D111750 Compatible Door Remote Garage Transmitter 433MHz

100% Brand New

Material: Plastic & Metal

Color: Black & Chrome

Quantity: 1 pc

4 Buttons: like the picture show

Dimension: 70 x 32 x 10mm / 2.75" x 1.26" x 0.39" (LxWxH)

Package size: 70 x 44 x 15mm(LxWxH)

***Code cleaning method: 
Press the unlock button and lock button at the same time(some shells are the up button and down button), after the LED indicator light flashes three times, loosen any one of the buttons while the other is kept pressing, then push the released button three times, the LED indicator will enter into the fast flashing status. At this time all the memory data is cleared, the cleaned remote control will not have lighting LED indicator no matter which button you press. 

***Copy method 
One hand keeps the original remote controller, while another keeps the copy remote control, the two remote controls should be placed as closely as possible (the ideal situation is to put the two remote controls on the desktop side by side with zero distance), respectively press down the copy button, when the LED indicator light flashes quickly after three flashes, this copy is successful, other key operating methods are the same. Some remote control has a smaller transmitting power, so the original remote control should be placed back to the copy remote control to be operated. For the presence of noise, it should avoid interference to operate, If the copy is not successful, it should recopy after clearing code. 

Please Note:
****when you get the item,first you need Code cleaning,then copy. 
* The essential condition for the selection of the remote control: the copyed remote control operates normal, chip is compatible and frequency is correct.
* Before buying, please make sure the copyed remote control operating frequency or choose & buy the frequency adjustable type remote control.
* Before buying, please confirm whether your remote control can be copyed or n


Slim Design

Compact Pocket Size

LED Indicator

433 MHz Frequency

Long Range

Controls up to 4 doors

Button Slide Protector

Included Keyring


for BFT Mitto 2M

for BFT Mitto 4M

Package includes:

1 x 433MHz Garage Door Remote