4X Electronic Fish Bite Alert Alarm LED Light Bell Fishing Clip Rod Pole

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4x Black Electronic Fish Bite Sound Alarm LED Light Bell Clip on Fishing Rod
  • Brand New and Premium Quality.

  • Sound-light alarm device.

  • Maximum volume up to 80dB

  • Outer layer is sealed without a bolt.

  • Prepared of durable and sturdy ABS.

  • Functions with different kinds of rod in different weather and terrain.

  • Power saving device. 3 batteries equipped can work for 1 or 2 years if the power is turned off when in no use.

  • No harm to fishing line. It is very delicate to fish which gulps the bait.

  • Easily installed and portable.

  • Fishing supplies, easy to use, you can use the clamps on the rod, but also prompt light, as long as the fish will jerk a sound and light alarm, even anglers fell asleep, light fish bait will prompt tips.


Color: Black

Weight: 48g

Package weight: 57g

Alerts: Audio and Visual

Battery: 3* AG-13 button cell ( included )

Packing Includes:

4 x Fishing Alarm Brand New in Box