5 pcs Rectangle Plastic Garden Pots Planter Flower Pots With Trays 3 Size Terrac

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      Very flexible material: Excellent anti-aging performance, longer service life than ordinary flower pots under sun exposure.
      All kinds of flowers and vegetables are suitable for use, uniform materials, light weight, reasonable design.
      Whether it is filled with soil or filled with water, this basin can be smoothly picked up, fully meets the planting requirements, and the use time is significantly longer than the thick returning flower pot.
      There are 5 circular reserved punching points at the bottom of the flower pot, which can be rotated and punched with sharp 3 size pots with trays
      pots Size: D8005 49.5X21X14cm  Trays Size 8005s  47.5x5x18cn
                D8006 59X21X14.5cm               8006s  57x5x18cm
                 D8007 70X21X15.5cm              8007s 66.5x5x17cm

    Application scenarios: home furnishings, greening projects, hotels, flower garden nursery production, offices, home gardening, balcony gardens.