5ft Tomato Stakes - Pack of 25 Supports - Durable Coated Steel Sticks

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  • Our Ultra Support Stakes include a Steel core element alongside thick plastic coating. Sturdy & durable yet heavy duty , totally rust & weather proof and of course reusable
  • Easy to place with our single sharpened tapered edge , installation is simple by pushing or inserting in the ground, stakes can be positioned side by side.
  • Perfect for securing tomato plants, trees, shrubs, vines and other natural climbing plants such as cucumbers, beans, peas and hops.
  • Bonus Plant Clips are reusable and weatherproof ideal for securing plants gently but firmly against wind and rain
  • In the box :: 25 * 5ft Tall (60 inches / 150cm) and 11mm** Diameter - Heavy Duty Tomato Support Stakes complete with a set of 20 Plant Clips ( 10 Medium & 10 Large )