5x Best Quality 4pin 220V Red Led Light On Off Heavy Duty Switches Rocker Switch

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Product Description:

  • Easy to use and plug, control electrical Instrument or meters.
  • Press the switch On-Off design, easy to use.
  • Rocker switch offers a high switching current in a compact design. 
  • They have high quality for long life at heavy loads and industry-standard mounting dimensions.
  • This rocker switches can be used in a variety of applications, like water dispenser and extension socket and so on.
  • Note: the light voltage is AC 220V, please pay attention to the voltage before ordering to make sure the rocker switch can work successfully in your area.


Product Name Electrical Rocket Switch
Color Black, Red
Type KCD4 Single Throw Double Pole
Indicator Tyoe Red LED
Power AC 250V 15A, AC 125V 20A
Withband Voltage ≥1500V/Min
Insulance ≥1000MΩ
Contact Resisitance ≤40MΩ
Max Press Number 10000
Mount Hole Size 30 x 21mm / 1.18" x 0.83"(L*W)
Total Size 32  x 25 x 35mm/  1.26 x 1 x 1.38inch (L*W*H)
Distance of two pin 10mm