5x Fridge Freezer Door Lock Baby Kids Children Toddlers Safety Draw Cabinet PP

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Best for babies age from 6 months to 6 years old

There is no need to drill holes, easy and convenient, double-sided adhesive sticker.

Safe and secure to use.

It avoids hurting fingers when kids play the Cupboards or doors.

Prevent children to open the medicine cabinet to eat and drink.

Stick on dry surface

Scrub with warm water, clean up, don't use your hand.

Can be used in cabinets, refrigerators, windows, doors, bookcases, Toilet lid, etc.


Condition: new

Material: ABS+PP

Total length: about 21 cm/8.3"

Length of webbing belt: about 10 cm/3.9"

Package includes:

5x Baby safety lock