Adapter Truck new 9 Pin to OBD2 Interface GPS OBD2 16P Connector J1939

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Working Temperature:-30~80?C Materials of connector and cable comply with ROSH standard

Lenght: weight: Specification: Pins Definition: Pin A: Ground Pin B: Power, 12V or 24V which depends on your trucks/vehicles output. Pin C: CAN1/J1939+ Pin D: CAN1/J1939- Pin E: CAN1/J1939 Shield Pin F: J1708/J1587 High Pin G: J1708/J1587 Low Pin H: Null Pin I: Null which is for Port J on trucks/vehicles'socket.

Applications: J1939 CAN BUS diagnostic unit (for trucks); J1939 body builder CAN bus monitor (for trucks); J1939 interface industrial engine display unit; ISOBUS-control devices; CAN bus Universal Controller; CAN gateway and bus simulator; Truck diagnostic tool/equipment/scanner,code reader.

Compatibility: This old car interface to OBD-II Cable is used to connect your car with standard OBD-II device.Due to the limitation of OBD-II and old car port itself, only parts of the pins can be connected. So you should check cable's pin out & your OBD-II device's manual first. Because there are too many car models & OBDII device in the market , so we can't give a full compatibility list.


If your have successful and unsuccessful test.

Please leave your car models & device type in the reivew to help others.

- J1939 9Pin Car Interface to Standard OBD2 OBDII 16 Pin.Not all OBDII pins can be connected. If you use it with OBDII diagnotor,please compare the pin assignment with your diagnotor's requirement first. If the required pin is not connected , the related function can't be worked ,or the diagnotor can't work properly.
- Could be Used to convert a standard 9 pin J1939 to a 16 pin obd2 for use with GPS trackers and Scan Tools etc.
- It has flame-retardant, precision die molding, stable safety and anti-interference, tracking extension cable, perfect compatibility, new environmental protection plastic material.
- Extra durable over molded connectors with strain relief.
- Please check your interface support below before order.