Brand New Kids Vtech Little Singing Cody adorably Baby Toy with Music Song

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Little Singing Cody is an adorably cute learning toy for little ones to enjoy.

The Kids New Cute and cuddly Cody comes with fun phrases, sing-along song and flashing lights which stimulate senses and accelerate learning.

Introduce emotions, numbers and counting to your baby with Little Singing Cody from Vtech.

Pressing the buttons develops fine motor skills while senses are stimulated by the flashing lights, fun sounds and a mixture of plush and plastic.

Attachment strap makes Little Singing Cody easily portable, strap can be used to attach to a car seat, cot or pram.

Sing-along song and an English speaking voice promotes recognition and accelerates learning.

Light-up pockets and sliding zip introduce emotions, colours, and numbers with lots of fun phrases, sing-along songs, popular tunes and sounds.