Cat Tree Scratching Post Scratcher Tower Condo House Furniture Grey

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  • ⭐ -✅ PURREST QUALITY: Made from high-quality MDF material. The overall dimensions of the product are 49cm x 49cm x 210cm(L x W x H). An essential cat product for cat lovers. For a moment to adore, a memory to cherish.
  • ⭐ -✅ RELIABLE: Built for long-term and regular use. The poles are covered with natural sisal material, withstand scratches, wear and tear effects. Covered with plush material for added stability and durability.
  • ⭐ -✅ COMFORTABLE: Soft and smooth textures just the way your cat likes. Luxurious plush fabric makes them fall asleep on its comfortable surface. Unique space for them to relax and have some alone time. It is a private bunker for your cat.
  • ⭐ -✅ AMPLE SPACE: Wide base is provided with the heavy-duty post. The MDF board is resistant to mold, let them play around without any worries. Ample space inside, a private space for your cat to dwell.
  • ⭐ -✅JOYFUL TIME: Built higher for your cat to climb, stable, and steady. Experience the darnedest things your cat does. They will instantly fall in love with its design and will quickly dominate their new territory with their adorable paws. All the fun they will be having, all the moments you will be remember. Supporting their smile, building their trust.