Cereal Container Storage Set of 4 - Airtight Food Storage Containers 4L (135.2oz),Plastic Sealed Grain Container for Rice,Snacks and Sugar - BPA Free Cereal Dispenser - Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage ,with Labels, Marker Pen and Measuring Cup

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  • 4L Large Capacity Storage Containers set --- Each sealed container has a capacity of 4L, Large capacity, suitable for storing grains, macaroni, snacks, sugar, nuts, beans, and so on.A measuring cup of 150ml/5oz is also prepared for you
  • High Responsibility & Quality Materials --- Airtight Containers are made with the highest quality materials and the latest airtight technology to ensure that they are reusable and durable for years. Each of our storage jars has been carefully tested and proven to be 100% BPA-free, non-toxic food grade plastic.
  • Come With Convenient Labels --- Except 4 food storage containers, you will also receive 16 pieces labels, which will help you never confuse flour with powdered sugar or baking powder with baking soda. They are reusable, you can switch contents whenever you need. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth to change what you have written, Peel and Re-stick.We also prepare a marker for your writing
  • Washing instructions --- Please clean the lid by hand. Note, please remove the lid and put it in the dishwasher. For containers, the dishwasher is safe.
  • Portable storage --- The grain storage container is specially designed with a slim and easy-to-carry narrow body, allowing you to organize the kitchen and free up space in the storage room, refrigerator, freezer or cabinet