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Brand New Kids Toy Hatchimals Mystery Egg Children Toys Gift Item Free Shipping


Hatchimals Mystery Egg - GENUINE STOCK, FAST SHIPPING, Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside of eggs. Whos inside? Its a surprise! All new Hatchimals from Cloud Cove are here – and they are bringing super fluffy fun. These funky friends come with brand new music and new flying themed games!


Each egg contains one interactive Hatchimal to meet your furry friend, hold and play with the multicoloured pastel egg until you see eyes light up inside. When you hear pecking, it’s hatching time! Your mystery Hatchimal will peck its way out of the egg – but only with your help!

Hatchimals love to interact with you and play, these hatchimals will even learn your name!

Raise your furry Hatchimal through 3 stages, from baby to toddler, to kid.


Product Features:


Brand: Spin Master

Condition: Brand New

Type: Egg Toy

Brand new species of Hatchimals are here - there are 4 different ones to collect! It's the ultimate mystery!

Straight from Cloud Cove, these hatchimals are the fluffiest and are so soft, sitting high in the sky.

Hatchimal Mystery Egg Contents:

ONE Mystery Hatchimal inside an unhatched Multicoloured Pastel Egg

1x Instruction Booklet

1x Cheat Sheet

Batteries Required: 2x AA Batteries (included)

Recommended Age: 5 Years+