CREATIVE Inspire T10 2.0 Channel Speaker Desktop Stereo System for MAC MP3

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High consistency in use is characterized by a CREATIVE Inspire T10 speaker system, with a supreme power of 10 watts. The acoustics comprises 2 front speakers, equipped with two-way speakers, particularly designed to deliver excellent sound quality. It reproduces music in a wide frequency range from 80 Hz to 20 kHz. Acoustic system CREATIVE Inspire T10 is best for both office and home. Possess advanced design and the production material is high-quality plastic. For connection to a computer, you required a standard audio output, and power is provided from the household power. Speakers are compact size, so there is no issue in carrying them with you if they are required for an event outside the home or office. Creative Inspire T10 speakers convey best quality performance of all your digital music. Compact and sleek, in glossy black, for high-end perfection using separate tweeters, precision drivers for perfect mid-tones and BasXPort technology for strong lows without a subwoofer.

Music to match your style

A perfect combination of performance and style, the Inspire T10 is an innovatory breakaway from traditional speaker design. With a lustrous finish augmented by an acoustically slanted front, the Inspire T10 re-introduces desktop speakers in a whole best way, be it for your Mac, PC or MP3.

More music, more detail

Imagine being able to pick up even the soft clamor of a "Ride" cymbal in a slow rock song. With a remarkable tweeter and two-way design, you can entirely appreciate performances that are rich in high frequencies, such as those with strings and clarinets.

All bass, less space

With high-class space-saving BasXPort™, you don't really require an additional subwoofer to relish deep bass music. Acoustically engineered to enhance the lower midrange, BasXPort channels the sound waves competently from the inner chamber to the soundstage.

Extended listening

The fitted headphone jack and AUX connector enable to plug in easily your headphones for personal listening or play music from your MP3 player or any other analog audio devices.

Product Features:

Dedicated tweeter for amazing high-frequency performance

Separate controls for bass and volume.

Headphone socket is available for private listening.

BasXPort acoustically engineered improves midrange.

Easily accessible volume and tone controls.

Auxilary input for connecting analog audio device

Package Includes:

Two speakers

Stereo-to-Stereo audio cable

Power supply adapter

Warranty & Technical Support booklet

Quick Start Guide