Creative T15 wireless Bluetooth 2.0 channel stereo desktop speaker system

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The Creative T15 Wireless PC Speaker has perfectly tuned tweeters to convey clear highs and optimized drivers for rich and sharp midrange audio. Thanks to BasXPort technology, the T15 wireless speaker provide deep bass output for full-range dynamic sound. For superior versatility, this Creative PC speaker connects to your device through Bluetooth up to the range of 10m or through its 3.5mm jack. The T15 speaker has intuitive tone and volume controls for rapid setting adjustments. Compact and featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the Creative T15 Wireless PC Speaker enables you to easily create a powerful sound system without keeping cables plugged in.

Possess built-in BasXPort technology

A striking piece in any setting:

Perfectly positioned tone and volume controls.

High-Performance Audio:

Built for inspiring, standard quality sound, the Creative T15 Wireless features enthusiastic tweeters for excellent high-frequency response and custom-selected drivers for distinctive midrange audio playback

High-Output Bass:

With the built-in BasXPort technology, each speaker includes a large port tube to channel sound waves from the inner chamber of the satellite to the soundstage, providing you high-output bass

More than one method to connect by utilizing any stereo Bluetooth device

For great audio throw, it possesses ten-degree tilt.

Stream from Bluetooth Devices:

Wirelessly stream music to your speakers from any well-suited stereo Bluetooth device 1 - such as mobile device or notebook - from a range of up to 10 meters.

Connect Via 3.5mm Input:

For non-Bluetooth devices, simply connect them to the speakers directly through 3.5mm line-in cable. A dedicated headphones jack also exists for you to relish private listening

Form Meets Function:

Exposed tweeters with midrange drivers engraved on a high-gloss panel make for an eye-catching centerpiece to set up your audio.

Designed for Excellent Audio Throw:

The front glass panel is specially designed with a 10-degree angle tilt for optimal audio throw

Convenient Controls and Connectivity:

For your suitability and easy access, controls such as volume, power and tone adjustments are all conveniently placed on the front panel. The tone control involves treble and bass to cater to your playback priorities. Also, easy connection through integrated line-in and headphone jacks can also be done on the back of the satellite.

Package Includes:

Two satellite speakers

Power adapter

Power adapter plug(s)

Quick Start Guide

1Bluetooth A2DP-compliant devices.