Durable Motorcycle Waterproof Cigarette Lighter 12V USB Power Port Outlet Socket

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100% Brand New and High-Quality Product.

Fits for most phones. 

Compatible for: scooters, cars, cross bike 

Easily fitted in any 12V motorcycle, ATV, Boat or car 
Perfect add-on kit for motorbikes and ATV 
Can be utilized as GPS charging, Car MP3 power supply, cell phone charger, car vacuum cleaner, car tire inflation power etc. 
Advantages: Product installation exclusive design, separate USB, Waterproof cigarette lighter and USB connection and integration

How to install the socket:

Connect red light to "positive" terminal and the blue to "negative" terminal 
Now put the handle clip on the motor handle and screw it. 

How to install a USB waterproof cover: 

Cut the top of the USB waterproof cover with the knife. Put the USB connector on the cover. 



  • Colors: Black
  • Input voltage: 12V-24V¡À4.0V 
  • USB output power: 120W 
  • USB (output) voltage: 5V¡À0.24V 
  • Output Current: 4.2A (2*2.1 A) 
  • Net Weight: 123g


Package Includes:

1 x  Motorbike waterproof cigarette lighter USB integration