Genuine 2019 Magnetic Posture Corrector Belt Back Support Shoulder Brace

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From one of the world's top manufacturers, this superbly finished posture corrector is designed to apply pressure to both shoulders, gently pulling them back to improve your posture and appearance. Although there are numerous cheaper posture correctors, we guarantee ours is one of the most comfortable available. It's made from high-quality materials, is beautifully soft and superbly stitched and finished as shown in the gallery images above.

Our brace is fully adjustable, both under the arms and also around the waist. This not only provides a perfect fit it also allows for the incremental tightening of the support as your posture improves over time. A brace that is adjustable only around the waist does not meet this important requirement. If you're serious about improving your posture you can't do better than our great range of posture support braces!