H301 3.2" HUD Head Up Display Windshield Project Speed Alarm System OBD II In...

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This Head-Up Display will provide your car's dash information on the windshield. Instead of taking your eyes off the road to check your speed, fuel consumption or coolant temperature, you'll easily find all this information where they should be.

Note: Works with OBD-II and CAN compatible cars only.

HUD Modes:

Idle Mode: Shows Coolant Temperature and Fuel Consumption (L/H)

Cruise Mode: Shows vehicle speed and Fuel Consumption (L/100KM)

Trip Data: Shows trip mileage, average fuel consumption, time, average speed, coolant temperature etc.

HUD Alerts: Overspeed, Coolant Temperature, Battery Voltage, Check Engine Light, Fatigue Driving

Current vehicle speed

Unit mark: V: Voltage, C: Degree Celsius, F: Degree Fahrenheit, KM: Kilometre, MPH: Mile per hour, KM/H: Kilo-meter per hour

Gear shift alert for optimal and efficient driving

Battery voltage: alerts you when battery voltage goes below 12V

Engine revolving speed (Icon)

Rotation speed

Light sensor to automatically adjust brightness

Check Engine light

Buzzer mark

Engine Fault code

Multifunctional display area: Fuel Consumption, RPM, Fault Code

Engine revolve speed (Unit)

Fuel Consumption L/100KM (Cruise Mode)

Tyre Pressure Indicator

Tyre Pressure Value

Tyre Pressure / Temperature Unit (Bar)

Tyre Temperature Unit (Celsius)

Fatigue driving alert

Overspeed alert

Setting status indicator

Engine water temperature alert (100 C)

The H301 HUD allows you to connect the vehicle's OBD parameters to your Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can install your preferred app like (Torque) to monitor additional gauges or diagnose engine trouble codes.

TPMS Feature:

With the H301 HUD, it is possible to monitor your tires' pressure (Bar) and temperature (Celsius) for safer and more efficient driving.


Bluetooth OBD interface (App purchased separately)

TPMS interface (Sensors sold separately)

Size: 79 X 119mm / Weight 110g

Colour: Black

Working Temperature: -40 - 85 C

Working Current: 0.96A

Standby Current: 0.04A

Package Includes:

Main HUD unit


User Manual


Reflective film