High Performance Gaming Creative Sound BlasterX Alphapad Mouse Pad for PC Laptop

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High-Performance Gaming Mouse Pad Woven to provide perfect results, the AlphaPad is a premium quality gaming cloth pad that's excellent for the usage of both beginners and professional gamers. Optimized for low and high sensitivity users, it owns a smooth, low-friction surface that offers the best tracking with a strong non-slip rubber base.

Optimized for all gamers

Whether you are a low or high sensitivity user, play an RTS, FPS, MOBA or other sorts of games, the AlphaPad is the perfect companion to your mouse.

Woven to perfection

A high density woven surface offers a smooth consistent gaming surface for pinpoint perfection even with fast hand actions and avoids dust and dirt build up. Every AlphaPad is woven to perfection to provide the best tracking for any mouse, free from skips and jitters.

Sturdy base:

A distinctive non-slip rubber base guarantees that the AlphaPad do its best even in the most intense moments - giving you the assurance and confidence to perform at your best.

Smooth Surface:

The AlphaPad low-friction surface offers the right amount of resistance to enable you to get a perfect aim every time without fatigue, even after long hours of gaming.


The pad measures 10.6″ x 13.7″ x 0.1″ which is spacious enough for gaming. Everyone loves the smooth top surface which enables the mouse to move faster while the non-slip rubber base keeps the pad stable.


Crease-free, heavy-duty fabric optimized for low-mid DPI values (200-1600)

Reliable weave density for certain pixel perfect sensor tracking

Best quality rubber base with textured grip pattern

Package Includes:

Sound BlasterX AlphaPad Mouse Pad

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