Katai 4 Piece Dinnerware Storage Set in Navy - Hard Shell Twill Plate Protector Case Complete with 48 Felt Dish Dividers

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  • Set of 4 hard shell plate protectors for storing or transporting your precious china in a smart and safe way
  • Each case comes with sturdy handles and smooth glide zippers with a luxurious feel
  • Constructed with high-quality polyester and durable paperboard, this all in one set will keep your plates protected for many years to come
  • Included is a set of 48 thick felt dividers for added friction-free protection
  • Each dinnerware box will hold up to 12 plates with the following diameters: up to 11.8” - for the dinner plate case, 10.2” - for the salad bowl case, 8.6” - for the dessert plate case and 6.3” - for the saucer plate case