Kids Slide Swing Basketball Ring Activity Center Toddlers Play Set

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  • ⭐ Fun and safe: Your kids will have a great time exploring the playset. Recommend for kids age 3 and above.
  • ⭐ Easy to install: No tools are needed. Just lock the pieces together and let your little one enjoy themselves. Fill the base with water to provide extra stability.
  • ⭐ Multi-play: Slide down the slide or basketball through the basketball hoop or swing on the swing or music on the music player. All the options. Let them discover and play.
  • ⭐ Indoors and outdoors: This is suitable for any location. Probably don’t leave it at the bottom of a pool though.
  • ⭐ Quick to clean: Just wipe down the surfaces with a wet cloth or take it outside and use the hose.