Kids Zuru X Shot Excel Reflex Revolver Tk 6 Boys Gun Fun Toy

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Zuru X Shot Excel Reflex Revolver Tk 6 Gun Kids Fun Toy

XShot Excel Reflex Revolver TK-6 for blasting without hesitation, the Reflex Revolver TK-6 loads 6 darts in a rotating barrel and can fire all within 30 seconds. Speed and frequency make this blaster unstoppable!Prime, lock 'n' load before firing your foam darts over 55ft/17m! The Reflex Revolver barrel allows the user to fire 6 darts in seconds before their opponents can even see it! Its automatically rotating barrel makes sure you lose no time in the process!


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Brand: Zuru
  • Type: Toy Revolver
  • Recommended Age: 8+ years.
  • Shoots up to 80 feet/ 24m.
  • 6-Dart capacity rotating barrel.
  • Easy primer.
  • Tactile grip.
  • Rotating barrel
  • Can fire all darts within 30 seconds