Latest Heel Supports Pad Cup Gel Shock Cushion Orthotic Insole Plantar Fasciitis

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100% Brand New and High Quality

Works like a cushion.

Have a great Shock-Absorbing ability.

Enhance blood circulation.

Reduce muscular pains and aches.

Can be perfectly worn in all kinds of shoes including Sports Shoes, Work Shoes, Walking Shoes and High Heels.

Self-adhesive, no need for glue.

Reusable. Hand washes with warm water and soap.

Aesthetically neutral. Tucked away in your shoe. 


Free Size. Fits any Adult shoe.

Material: CRYSTAL + GEL

Insoles color: Transparent

Insole Size: 95mm long x 70mm at it widest point

Package Includes:

2 pads (1 pair)