MENS Motorbike Motorcycle Black Bike Reinforced Jeans Made With DuPont™ Kevlar®

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Divalo Biker Denim Pants With   Extended Aramid Fabric for Men`s. Important Message for All Motorbike Pants Buyers: All   motorbike protective pants are not the same.

How to Find Best Value to   Your Money:  Always Look for two things in any motorbike aramid   pants.

Firstly, see what is the   GSM of the Aramid fabric used inside the pants as lining? Most brands   use Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber (generally in yellow   color).  So higher the GSM better it is.  

(What Is GSM: It means, Grams   per Square Meter. (For easy understanding, weight of the fabric). Higher the   GSM heavier the fabric. Heavier the fabric more protection it will provide.)

Secondly, See if inside   lining fabric is made with 100% aramid fibre then it is good (Generally Made   with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre). If aramid lining is mixed with aramid and   other fibers (such as cotton or polyester etc.) then it’s not as good. It   will significantly reduce the fabric strength and so the protection.

Why they mix other fibers: To   reduce the cost. Remember aramid fibers are lot more expensive then cotton,   polyester and so on.





  • Outer Fabric Stretchable Denim to provide best comfortable fit 
  • 100% Aramid Fabric used as lining inside
  • These are partially lined motorbike pants and covers all the risk areas 
  • For different colors and styles please visit our eBay Store
  • Inside lining in all our jeans is Over-locked
  • These jeans are manufactured in world class manufacturing unit. 
  • Quality assurance procedures has been strictly followed. 
  • Same color stitching and stone wash effects for fashionable look
  • Mid-high raised back
  • We use 100% Aramid Fabric (Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber).
  • All our Motorbike pants have high GSM Aramid fabric used as lining inside the pants.
  • We use thick denim fabric outside for extra durability of the product.
  • Simply means one of the highly protective and best fit motorbike pants. Now see if you can find better than this.