Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter SD Micro SD Card Reader For Smartphones PC

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Description :

Micro USB OTG Adapter USB 2.0 SD T-Flash Memory Card Reader For Cellphone PC. 100% Brand New, Convert Your Existing Micro USB Cable to USB-C.Seamless Applications with All USB-C Devices.On-The-Go (OTG) Functionality .Fast Data Transfer for a Guaranteed Uninterrupted Connection.Converts a USB Type-C Port to a Micro USB Port. Supports Plug Play for All Connections the Support OTG Functionality .High Quality Molded Connectors Designed for Daily Use. Universal effective and quick for data transfer.

Feature :

Can be Used to Connect USB Peripherals.
Many More USB Devices Can be Connected and Used with Mobile.
Very Compact & Ultra Stylish .
It is Equipped with a Mini Interface without Front & Back.
Compatible with Products with Type-C Port.
Good Connectivity and High Speed Data Transfer.
Conducting Materials for Long Life.
Package includes:
1× Card Reader for Smart Phone PC

High quality in EU and US quality standard