Mosquito Catcher Outdoor Disposable Nontoxic Fly Trap Insect Garden Pest Control

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Non-toxic, Safe and effective.

Traps and Kills up to 20,000 flies.

Makes your home a No-Fly Zone.

Equestrians and farmers use it to get rid of flies.

Bio-degradable bait.

Protect your home, your farm, your property, and your barbecues from fly invasion.

Size: 20cm x 34cm

Usage: Bait mixed, separate half a bag, add a little water and stir into the mud. If its not work, put the other half bag of bait mixed Some Hunting foods, such as animal offal, meat, raw fish, blood, squid or other seafood and add a little water seal, fermented three days and use as bait

Package Includes:

1 x Fly Trap