Motorbike Face Mask Warmth and Light Weight Neoprene Face Mask QQ

Motorbike Face Mask Warmth and Light Weight Neoprene Face Mask QQ

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New Neoprene Face Mask Velcro Closure At Back Warmth and Light Weight Water Repellent Reversible

Neoprene face masks are the ultimate accessory for biking, skateboarding, motor cross, skiing and for all other outdoor active sports.

Our half masks cover the mouth, nose and cheek areas and leave the upper part of the face free so great if you need good visibility and only lower face protection.

The masks are water resistant and provide great protection from the wind, rain and cooler weather. Quality finishing which includes an edging trim and special holes around the mouth and to allow for extra ventilation.

A comfortable fit that is shaped for the lower face and nose and has a small nose opening and perfect for your outdoor activities where you need a little protection. A wide strong Velcro strap is at the back so you can adjust the mask to your face and head size.

Simply invert the mask to be wear it on the reverse side. The reverse side is plain black for all masks.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all active outdoor sports

  • With quality edging trim

  • With Velcro straps and special holes around mouth

  • Comfortable, lightweight, breathable and reversible