New 8.5L Outdoor Foldable Footbath Hand Wash Basin Sink Water Pot Bag Travel ...

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Portable, Foldable, and lightweight

Available with two hand tote carry belts

Durable and Watertight Bag

Not deformed and side leakage you carry with two hands.

Fill it with water and held on flat ground, it will not fall down or even bang the side will not affect its stability, such as home basin

Suitable for washing, fishing, storage and outdoor activities etc.

Material: Nylon+waterproof fabric

Capacity: 8.5L(Diameter:30cm/12in Height13.5cm/5.3in)

Color: Available in Just Black Inside Green

Usage: Wash vegetable or face, etc. when hiking, traveling, or camping.

Features: Portable, Foldable, and lightweight

Weight: 70g

Package Includes:

1 x Folding Water Pot