New JOYO Electric Clip On Guitar Tuner Universal Digital LCD Musical Instrument

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JOYO JT-01 8th Anniversary Edition Clip-on Chromatic Tuner

o commemorate their 8th birthday, JOYO have released this limited edition clip on Guitar Tuner for a special

once only price. With a bright and easily readable swivel mount LCD display, the JT-01 makes sure the player will

be able to quickly identify an out of tune string, and re-tune it without anyone noticing.


Fast Response Piezo Sensor

Super fast response time at 20 milliseconds, the piezo sensor detects the pitch by picking up vibrations from the

instrument, naturally, the tuner has to be physically attached to your instrument to function.

Chromatic Tuning Function with 4 Automated Settings

Setting the tuner to chromatic mode will allow a string to be tuned to any desired note, especially important when

using alternative tunings. Otherwise, use one of the four automated setting options for guitar, bass, ukulele and

violin for trouble free tuning for beginners.

Easy Angle Adjustment and LCD Display

The 360 degree swivel joint allows for viewing the LCD display at almost every angle. The screen will appear

blue with white writing when the string is out of tune, either sharp or flat, and green on a black background when

tuning is correct.


Modes: Chromatic Guitar, Bass, Ukulele C and D

Piezoelectric Sensor, 20ms response time

Adjustable 360 degree Joint

High Contrast LCD Display (White on Blue and Green on Black)

Standard Temperament: A4=440Hz

Tuning Range: 0A (27.5Hz) - 8C (4186.01Hz)

Battery Power: CR2032 (included)

Colour: Black

Weight: 19g

Dimensions: 50mm (L) x 26mm(w) x 76mm(h)