New KKL VAG-COM 409 OBD2 USB Switch for Fiat ECU Scanner Diagnostic Device

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100% Brand new and high quality.

Added 4 pin switch - easily switch between ABS, AirBAG, ECU, Gearbox, Climate Control etc. 


Drivers for Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, Vista + Windows 7
Compatible with may diagnostic software packages including:
Fiat ECU Scan
KKL V409

Cable adapted to include a 4 way switch to access different ECUs:

Position 1 = Engine ECU (read / clear engine faults)
Position 2 = AirBag ECU (read / clear airbag faults)
Position 3 = ABS ECU (read / clear break faults)
Position 4 = ESP ECU (red / clear stability faults)


Fiat ECU Scan FiatECUScan MultiECUScan Compatible Interface Alfa Romeo / Fiat FTDI chip, FT232RL chip VAG KKL USB OBD2 Fiatecuscan Finally, get rid of airbag error from your dashboard easily!

Brand new diagnostics OBD2 Vag KKL cable for your Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Lancia!

No need for special pin connecting and expensive adapters!

Works great with FiatEcuScan and MultiEcuScan.


Reset your car's Engine Management Light

Reset Airbag Light

Retrieve Trouble Codes

Analyze Your Cars Data in Real-Time

Perform Fault Diagnostic Tests

Decode Your Car’s Stereo

Adjust your car's speedometer readings

OBD Code Analysis

With this Software you will be able to communicate with the following Car parts:

Air Bags


Anti-Theft Mechanism






Central Locking

Air Conditioning


Electric dashboard


How to use:

Plug in cable to computer/laptop
Install cable drivers (provided on CD)
Make any additional settings which your diagnostic software suggests
Set the switch on the VAG-COM to diagnose the desired ECU
Plug cable into cars OBD connector
Connect using the diagnostic software product.

Package Includes:

1 X KKL VAG-COM 409 OBD2 USB Scanner Device

1 X Data Sheet CD