New Outdoor Water Floating Bed Swimming Sleep Tool Suitable For All People

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Water floating bed tools, including 1 helmet floating / 2 legs floating , 2 hands floating. Don't need inflatable,portable, safe fashion, wearing a simple, beautiful atmosphere, with elastic structure. This water swimming sleeptool perfectly suited for men / women / the elderly / children / students etc.The new style floating swimming tool 5 sets, whether you are in the sea, rivers, swimming pools, a lake or a pond to swim, you can float heart, enjoy nature swimming fun, Sleeping on the water. Perfect design, preferably Leica cloth, diving neoprene environmentally friendly materials, is a super-buoyant swim suit. If you can't swim, you can take advantage of buoyancy products, easy to master swimming skills like how to learn to swim on how the action is not limited, convenient and flexible! If You can swim, can lie at rest on the water fatigue. Provide full guidance to learn and use, And 1year warranty & excellent after-sale support service

Package includes:

1 ×Water floating bed tools only