Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Optical Professional Gaming RGB Programmable Mouse

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Product Description:

Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Precision gaming mouse with entire custom-made RGB lighting High accuracy ergonomic gaming mouse with processor and cutting-edge sensor, Aurora Reactive lighting system. Design optimized for claw, palm, and hybrid grip designed for fatigue-free casual and competitive gaming.


  • Advanced world class sensor used, paired with fast and stable MCU
  • Sensor is always active, ready for game
  • Extreme smooth gliding movements
  • Grippy exterior that doesn’t melt even in humid weathers
  • Possess hard cable jacket that doesn’t entangle
  • Reduce wear and tear from mouse pad contact
  • Fully programmable ambient lighting system.

Package Includes:

  • Sound BlasterX Siege mouse with attached 2.0M USB cable
  • 1 set of user-replacement mouse feet
  • Quick Start Guide; Safety and Regulatory Leaflet