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Brand New Mini ELM327 Super OBD2 OBDII Protocols WiFi Phone PC Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool



Easily and quickly.
OBD-II software for ELM327 is a free program.
This is an ELM327 Wi-Fi interface diagnostic scanner, supports OBD-II protocols.
It is used to read & diagnose trouble codes, clear trouble codes and detect fuel pressure and so on.
After check, the ELM327 Wi-Fi interface will quickly send data to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or windows computer from your vehicle in short time.
Works with all OBD-II compliant vehicles.
Software included in CD for Smartphone, PC and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Mac).
Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display code descriptions with over 3000 universal code definitions in the database
Clear diagnostic trouble codes and turn off check engine lights

The newly developed wireless scan tool. 
It supports all OBD-II protocols
Size: 49mm*25mm*32mm
Color: White

Display and record real-time sensor data, including:
Vehicle Speed
Fuel Consumption
Engine Coolant Temp
Fuel Pressure
Calculated Engine Load
Throttle Position
Intake Manifold Pressure
Air Intake Temp
Timing Advance
Mass Air Flow
Fuel Level
Barometric Pressure
EVAP System Vapor Pressure
Fuel Trim

Compatible Protocols:
How to see if your vehicle is compliant with OBD II
Please pop the hood and look for a sticker named "VEHICLE EMISSION CONTORL INFORMATION".
ISO 9141-2 (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud)
ISO14230-4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud)
ISO14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID, 500 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID, 500 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID, 250 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID, 250 Kbaud)
SAE J1850 PWM (41.6 Kbaud)
SAE J1850 VPW (10.4 Kbaud)

Vehicle Coverage:
1. Works on all OBD II Vehicles (1996+ in USA) and EOBD vehicles (Petrol cars from 2001+ and diesel cars from 2003/2004 in Europe)
2. For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash and the Vehicle Emission 
3. Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant

Your vehicle may not support all above parameters. How many parameters you can get is depended on the vehicle manufacturer's implementation.

By using this device, you can monitor your cars from PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, to do inspection by yourself.


Package Content:
1 x Mini ELM327 WiFi Wireless OBD2 Interface

1 x CD Driver

(No retail box)