V100B bluetooth 4.0 TPMS Car Tire Tyre Pressure For Android and iOS Support MM

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Reminder: APP will not be updated regularly, please

refer to the latest interface standard


Thanks for choosing our BLE TPMS product which is designed for

smart cellphones and supports cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or

above. Once BLE tire sensor installed in wheel, tire pressure and

temperature can be displayed in cellphone with APP. During travel,

Support cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or above Do NOT support

Cellphone with Bluetooth lower than 4.0. Product displays by

cellphone. During driving, please be careful when viewing tire

pressure and temperature in cellphone If tire pressure accelerates

down or up continuously, please stop car and check if theres any

problem with the tire. This product can read tire pressure and

temperature, but it cannot avoid sudden accident motorcycle by

tire It's important to use tire with high quality slightly tire leakage

makes tire pressure decreases over time is normal. It has nothing

to do with this product installation.